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The State of Coronavirus in the Workplace - NX (Unigraphics) Deployment Options

As Coronavirus continues to affect our personal and professional lives, companies are trying to find ways to remain productive, including the team at Geometric Solutions. Michigan declared a state of emergency and many companies like Ford and GM shut down their operations in an attempt to safeguard employees from the COVID-19 outbreak. Additionally, our Indianapolis office has been facing similar issues. Marion County, along with several other Indiana counties, are under a travel watch, recommending only essential transportation.

Siemens Offers NX Deployment Options for a Virtual Workplace

As a Value Added Reseller (VAR), the GeoPLM team is thrilled to see Siemens offering deployment options for a virtual working world. In a blog published on March 18th, Siemens shared that numerous NX (formerly Unigraphics) users have been in contact regarding ways in which their organizations can work from home.

Does License Borrowing Work For All Users?

According to Siemens, this feature is available to all users and is not release-dependent. This policy actually took effect back in 2017. However, its popularity has spiked due to the coronavirus outbreak. Please be aware that this inclusive policy does not mean users won’t run into issues. All users need to check to make sure their machine can run NX properly.


Siemens offers additional details relating to License Borrowing in their blog. However, if you are a client of Geometric Solutions, or you are looking to acquire an NX product with this flexibility, please contact us immediately.