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Don’t Let Downtime Be Lost Time – Free Siemens Online Training

All current Siemens software customers are eligible for a free month of Siemens’ Learning Advantage. This easy-to-use, self-paced learning platform is filled with modules to help users gain the skills and knowledge needed to become a Siemens Software Solution superuser. If you want to learn NX, Solid Edge, Additive Manufacturing, Plant Simulate, or Process Simulate- now is the time!

Why Should You Take Advantage of Siemens Learning Advantage?

There is an increasing need for engineers and designers to embrace digitalization to meet future demands of the manufacturing industry or the growing competition of the marketplace. With new skills come new opportunities both for you and your company. These skills can help you compete for new business as well as expand your current capabilities. The modules featured in Learning Advantage are directly aligned with Siemens Digital Industries Software product lines. ABI Research Analysts found Siemens to be a clear market leader in areas such as Factory Simulation, Product Digital Twins, and Virtual Commissioning. Additionally, Siemens ranks the highest in manufacturing simulation software. Proficiency in this software can make you the leader! Currently, many companies are flooded with downtime and unknown circumstances. Siemens Learning Advantage can help you and your team turn this downtime into valuable time.

How To Get Started With Learning Advantage

In order to qualify for your free month of Learning Advantage, you must be a current Siemens or Geometric Solutions customer. To start your journey towards becoming a Siemens superuser, sign up today!

What Is Included With Siemens Learning Advantage?

This internet-based* solution includes the following features:

· 24/7 access to an extensive, self-paced library
· Product support for a large range of Siemens software products
· Technical documentation of Siemens software products included
· Flexible navigation
· Single-Click course launch
· Custom content creation
· Text search
· Downloads to support interactive activities
· Self-assessment tools to facilitate dynamic learning environments
· Individualized review learning cycles
· Training progress reports
· Rapid recording utility for common use cases and workflows
· “Show me,” “guide me,” and “test me” playback options

Additionally, Siemens Learning Advantage is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

*No local software installation is required at this time. However, some modules may require or reference non-internet based programs.