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Why You Should Consider Becoming A Necessary COVID-19 Manufacturer

As states across the nation issue stay-at-home orders- companies, families, and individuals speculate about their futures. According to Drägerwerk, the top German ventilator company, despite being on course to quadruple production this year- it will still not be enough to combat the effects of coronavirus. For those of us residing in the States, our fate is looking even less optimistic. “The largest part of production capacity for ventilators is in Europe, while the biggest problem appears to be in the US” (Stefan Dräger).

How Many Ventilators Do We Need?

As explained by Dr. Emily Porter, the US population is around 331 million and 40-70% of people are expected to catch coronavirus, leaving at least 132 million infected and over 6.6 million in need of ventilators (as a low prediction). There are an estimated 72,000 to 120,000 ventilators in the US leaving at least 98% of critical patients (i.e., almost 6.5 million people) without the support they need to live.

Companies like Ford and GM have switched their gears to help produce urgently needed medical equipment. GM and Ventec are predicting their efforts will produce 10,000 ventilators per week once operations are up to speed.

Even at full speed, GM’s production will only result in 100,000 ventilators after 10 weeks and the US needs over 6 million more. This is not to say that GM and Ford’s efforts are futile- 100,000 ventilators made could be 100,000 lives saved. However, it is clear they need back-up.

We urge every manufacturer to consider how they can help with this crisis and the Geometric Solutions team is happy to brainstorm with you. Ford is using stock car parts to upgrade the design of ventilators and respirators, the Montana Science Center is making masks with 3D printers, and individuals nation-wide are hand sewing masks needed for those most at-risk.

The Economic Benefits For Your Company

According to the Guardian, a record 3.3 million people filed claims for unemployment in the United States as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. It is clear the United States is in the midst of facing a catastrophic unemployment crisis.

If you are worried about the future of your company, being relevant and helpful is your best option. Countless companies, numbers that have not been seen since WWII, are being asked to switch their production lines to help create urgently needed medical supplies. These companies, unlike many others, are continuing to operate, continuing to pay their employees, and receiving excellent PR opportunities. Although a PR facelift might not revolutionize your company today, there are great lifetime effects. Hyatt Regency still wears its title as the Hotel of Hope with pride.

Manufacturers have the ability to save lives, become a memorable brand name, and help America stand together in the face of this national crisis. Again, GM is on track to save 100,000 lives- not many companies can say that. For supplying urgent medical device needs, Geometric Solutions can help you prototype fast and make production parts in hours – contact us to learn more.

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