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How Can GeoPLM Help Manufacturers Through the COVID Crisis?


If you read Why You Should Consider Becoming A Necessary COVID-19 Manufacturer and are wondering what your next steps are, the Geometric Solutions team is here to help in any way we can! We can help you design, virtually prototype, build tools and make production parts for your COVID-19 solution, even if it is from existing parts.

Supporting the complete product lifecycle, Geometric Solutions uses a variety of engineering disciplines and tooling solutions to deliver world-class results. Using our high-powered hardware and software, there are numerous ways we can help you develop your idea including:

• Product design
• Modeling and simulation
• Quality analysis
• Plant layout
• Robotic programming
• Tool design
• Manufacturing processing
• Reverse engineering
• Testing and validation

By working in the 3D virtual CAD/CAM/CAE realm, Geometric Solutions will deliver a cost-effective, efficient engineering solution that embodies the passion our employees have for resolving our customers’ engineering problems.

Geometric Solutions leads the way with facility and equipment planning as well as assembly and transfer systems engineering- specializing in retrofitting new products into existing facilities.

• We can design parts and tooling that are made using 3D Additive Manufacturing technology with quick turnaround
• We can quickly write CNC programs and use our state-of-the-art CNCs to produce the parts or tools needed
• We can make robotic programs using Off Line Programming (OLP) using computer simulation tools with any brand or make of robot
• We can build fixtures in our tooling shop to make your product and use electronic gauging techniques (Coordinate Measurement Machines - CMM) to validate quickly
• We can reverse engineer existing solutions and modify them to work using rapid part manufacture techniques

Come talk to us, and we can help you make solutions that our country needs - right now.

Learn more about Geometric Solutions and our team of experts!