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Save Days and Dollars with NX Animation Designer

How can you find collisions before they happen, optimize the timelines of moving parts, all while creating an eye-catchy prototype that wins business every time? Validate products faster and save up to 92% over physical prototypes with Siemens’ NX Animation Designer.

What is NX Animation Designer?

NX Animation Designer leverages design data to create true-to-life animations that include product movements such as cylinders firing, pieces rotating, explosions, and more. Not only is this animation a powerful marketing tool for your account team, but there are many useful benefits for your designers.

This motion analysis application can be used to study kinematic behavior, find collisions between moving parts, optimize assembly/disassembly sequencing with color-coded timelines, all while reducing the necessary efforts taken to create accurate digital mockups. Now, users can spend more time designing and less time defining motion studies even as designs continue to evolve.

Did we mention the best part? Designs can all be tested from the comfort of your home office with no physical prototype needed.

Features of NX Animation Designer

• Intuitive user interface
• Common joints, couplers, and motors
• Provides automatic setup to reduce motion definition time
• Timeline for fast sequence definition
• Integrated modeling
• Real-time performance and collision checking

Benefits of NX Animation Designer

• Accelerates motion simulations
• Allows users to preview products in action
• Enables you to find interference between moving parts
• Simulates products regardless of file structure
• Provides motion simulation for sketches, part bodies, and full assemblies
• Delivers scalability to dynamics for advanced motion studies

How Can I Learn More About NX Animation Designer?

Watch Dan Turk, a Certified NX Professional Elite 100 User, demonstrate how to find and fix collisions, create optimal timelines, and solidify robot paths using built-in inverse kinematics.

Watch Save Days and Dollars With NX Animation Designer Webinar Now!