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Waltonen Engineering Produces Face Shields for Oakland and Macomb County Hospitals

It is no secret there is a severe shortage of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) across the United States. Manufacturers are repurposing plants and tooling solutions to keep our first responders safe while treating those affected by COVID-19. Due to the coronavirus’ increasing infection rate, keeping hospital workers healthy is both difficult due to their consistent exposure to the virus and essential since they are the only ones qualified to treat those affected.

Why Produce Face Shields?

PPE encompasses a large category of equipment with differing levels of protection in a variety of situations. When it comes to first-responders staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, face masks and face shields are two common forms of PPE.

Typically, medical professionals wear hospital-grade protection such as N95 masks. However, not only are these masks back-ordered, many of the materials used to produce them are unavailable as well. Individuals are pitching in by sewing new masks. While homemade PPE is great for personal use to protect oneself while running necessary errands, medical professionals are desperate for hospital-grade protection.

As N95 masks need to be manufactured and cannot be sewn through public efforts, face shields are a better solution. Face shields cover more of the face than masks, prevent wearers from touching their face, and are durable, reusable alternatives.

How Can Manufacturers Help?

Using the free face shield template provided by Bauer, the Waltonen team worked through supply shortages, social-distancing protective measures, and numerous other obstacles to start producing face shields. So far, over 400 masks have been delivered to a hospital in Warren, MI. Overall, the Waltonen family of companies is planning to produce 250,000 face shields to continue to help healthcare professionals across the state of Michigan.

Learn to Overcome Face Shield Production Problems Like a Pro!

The Geometric Solutions team hosted a live webinar, now available on-demand, to demonstrate the steps taken to create over 400 face shields in 3.5 hours.

Watch How to Overcome Face Shield Production Problems Like a Pro now on-demand!