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Untangling the Rat’s Nest: Plant Simulation

While the manufacturing industry is flooded with compressed timelines, increased quality, lower costs, streamlined productivity, and high demand for innovation, manufacturing engineers are primarily concerned with the validation process, cost overruns, meeting production targets, launch delays, and enhanced flexibility. With ever-increasing industry drivers, manufacturers are constantly attempting to mitigate risk. Cost overruns and missed deadlines are project killers. However, there is a way to perform manufacturing planning activities earlier when the ability to change and the cost of change are more forgiving.

How Can You Make Simulation an Industrial-Strength Advantage?

By creating a digital twin of the plant floor, your team can gain insight into the real-world performance of manufacturing plans and maximize production efficiency.

Tecnomatix Plant Simulation from the Siemens Digital Twin Suite allows you to model, simulate, and optimize production systems to:

• Eliminate waste
• Minimize capital investment
• Utilize less energy
• Achieve throughput targets

Plant Simulation acts as a crystal ball letting you see problems with your future product launch. If 65% of your people and 80% of your cost is in the plant, this is not where you want to problem-solve issues as they arise. A small amount of upfront change can lead to lower costs and increased profits through virtually reduced risks.

Learn More About Untangling the Rat’s Nest With Plant Simulation!

Identify Bottlenecks, before they slow you down! Optimize your plant's throughput, logistics, resources (labor, AGV's), and more! See an increase of 16% more output with no additional investment!

If you are wondering, what is Plant Simulation and why should you use it? Watch Curtis DeSaele, Director of Technology at Geometric Solutions, demonstrate this and more during this expert-led live webinar.

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Thursday, April 23rd, 2020
2:00 PM EDT – 3:00 PM EDT

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