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Manufacturing in a Remote Workspace: How PMI Could Cause Massive ROI

What does PMI stand for? Product & Manufacturing Information (PMI). This webinar is full of essential acronyms like PMI, ROI, NX, and more! Watch Dan Turk, Certified NX Professional Elite 100 User and Solid Edge Expert, explain:

• What is PMI?
• Why is there a debate to use it or not use it?
• Why should you use it?
• How do PMI and NX work together?
• How can PMI be implemented at your company?

What Does Product & Manufacturing Information Encompass?

PMI conveys non-geometric attributes in 3D computer-aided design (CAD) programs such as NX CAD. PMI includes:

• Geometric dimensions and tolerances
• 3D annotations and dimensions
• Surface finish
• Material Specifications

Why Is PMI Important?

PMI is used to capture and convey manufacturing requirements for 3D digital product development. Unlike the 3D attributes in CAD systems, 2D drawings can lead to deviations in the final 3D form due to the existence of multiple, redundant data that is required to define a manufactured part.

Interpretation errors, duplication inconsistencies, and revision flaws can contribute to expensive mistakes resulting in lower quality and productivity. Although 2D drawings contain the symbology for manufacturing a part, the true manufacturing process requires both the 3D form and 2D information to produce a part correctly the first time.

Additionally, digitally stored information can be easily re-used by numerous downstream processes. The essential value of PMI remains the same: create it one, use it anywhere… By understanding and communicating the values of 3D PMI, manufacturers can realize productivity, quality, and efficiency grains throughout their upstream and downstream processes.

Learn More About PMI, Why You Should Use It, and the Potential ROI!

Our upcoming live webinar, Manufacturing in a Remote Workspace: How PMI Could Cause Massive ROI, features our resident NX-pert Dan Turk explaining the essentials of PMI, how it can be implemented, and the benefits of utilizing PMI properly. Register Now!