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Design In 20/20 | NX Animation Designer


Results You Can See

Companies need a way to reduce the costs of physical prototypes. 3D printing has come a long way but to truly animate a part and test it for form, fit, and function- can be very expensive. What can you do to cut down your prototype costs and at the same time ensure your design will succeed?

If you make products that have moving parts, chances are you want to see them in action. You may also need to know kinematic properties, such as displacements, velocities, accelerations, and even collisions.

If so, NX Animation Designer can help you.

NX Animation Designer

Animation designer was developed so you can design products faster. By digitally validating products under normal operation, you can optimize articulation in real-time and virtually eliminate the need for physical prototypes. In a very simple example, you could save up to 92% of prototype costs.

Not all designs will require thorough analysis so you can leverage design data into different applications for added refinement.

How Does NX Animation Desinger Help?

• Perform kinematic studies
• Create conceptual designs and run analyses
• Run 2D free body motion (sketches) studies, assemblies, or multi-body part files
• Map assembly constraints to Animation Designer joints (or add joints manually)
• Solve for the collision of multiple parts
• Graph motion parameters

What are the Key Benefits of NX Animation Designer?

Validate products faster and save up to 92% over physical prototype costs by optimizing designs with discipline-specific applications and creating business-winning proposals.


Animations In Minutes

With NX Animation Designer, your team can apply motion to a sketch, multi-body part, or assembly- regardless of the component's structure. Inverse kinematics, allows complete articulation to be defined from start-to-destination in just a few clicks. Sequences of operation are adjusted with a video editor like timeline, demonstrating results in real-time.

Your design data can be directly used in animations to create business-winning proposals!

True to Life Product Animations

If you are looking to leverage designs into business winning proposals, NX Animation Designer helps your team create realistic, eye-catchy animations with time-based explodes, fades, and camera position. With the sequencing color-coded timeline, assembly and disassembly can be optimized.

Learn More About NX Animation Designer

To learn more about NX Animation Designer, contact Geometric Solutions- your Siemens Digital Industries software partner.