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What Do You Do When Engineers Can’t Find Product Data?


Many companies are consistently challenged by lengthy product changes and design reviews due to engineers being unable to quickly find product data. Common issues include time-consuming retrieval processes or conflicting document versions. However, the reality remains the same: business performance suffers due to this time-waste.

Using tools like Teamcenter, you will not be asking any more:

· Where is my drawing file?
· Is this the latest version of CAD?
· Why am I missing parts from my assembly?
· How come two parts on my assembly never got their drawings made?

What Is Teamcenter?

Teamcenter is a modern, highly-adaptable product lifecycle management (PLM) system. If you are not familiar with PLM software, take a look at our previous blog post “What Is PLM Stand For?”

Teamcenter connects people and processes across functions through a digital thread. The intuitive user interface allows your team to collaborate across the organization to manage multi-CAD engineering data and processes.

Why Do You Need PLM Software?

The development process is too costly, products are not as profitable as they need to be, and companies are struggling to keep up with customer demand. Data that is lost or difficult to share lengthens the product development timeframe, resulting in increased overall costs per project.

On average, companies report wasting more than 20% of their technical time on nonproductive data management tasks, totaling more than one full day of work per week.

Time-waste is one of the most difficult problems to address, especially when it involves data management. Could you imagine if the wrong design was produced? Recalls and negligence are not something to be taken lightly. PLM and PDM systems are becoming a must-have but how do you get started?

Learn More About Teamcenter

If you are interested in learning more about Teamcenter, our upcoming webinar “What Do You Do When Engineers Can’t Find Product Data?" is a great start!

Thursday, May 14
2pm EDT

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