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Integrated Engineering 101: Mechanical, Electrical, and Automation Remote Collaboration

Gone are the days of machines being purely mechanical. Today's Machine Builders must now integrate electrical and automation along with mechanical elements. Products need to be both high-quality and low cost in order to compete- and did we mention this all needs to be done faster than ever before? However, collaboration is often limited due to the lack of interface between departments. Major meetings typically occur near the end of a project and any errors found cause time-consuming and costly updates. Whereas with MCD, collaboration leads to problems being identified earlier resulting in both time and cost savings.

Learn how MCD can:

• Save up to 33% of time and costs
• Create useable, high-quality concept designs
• Allow Mechanical, Electrical and Automation Engineers to work together as one team
• Validate the combination of machine design, machine functionality, and machine behavior before the product is even manufactured with Virtual Commissioning

What Is Mechatronics Concept Designer?

MCD is an end-to-end solution that increases multi-discipline collaboration, allows your team to reuse existing data, and reduces time-to-market. This Siemens tool can help your team:

• Leverage intelligent function-based architecture
• Create and validate mechatronic concepts
• Initiate detailed engineering for designs
• Integrate designs with ECAD and MCAD
• Commission virtually without a physical prototype

What Are the Benefits of MCD?

• Go to market faster by reducing development time by up to 30%
• Rapidly evaluate machine concepts in a virtual environment
• Enhance collaboration between mechanical, electrical, and automation designers
• Build fewer physical prototypes

Learn More About Mechatronics Concept Designer?

If you are interested in learning more about MCD, our upcoming webinar “Integrated Engineering 101: Mechanical, Electrical, and Automation Remote Collaboration” is a great start!

Tuesday, May 19 2pm EDT

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If you missed the live webinar but still want to learn more, check out our on-demand webinars for more information.

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