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10 Steps to Use PLM Tools for Dimensional Engineering

The Dimensional Engineering process is a systems engineering approach to improving the quality of your products. We will show you a 10 step Dimensional Engineering process as well as state of the art PLM tools needed to perform, manage, and track the process.

Based on Deming’s Plan, Do, Check Act (PDCA) quality improvement cycle, you will see how PDM's, PMI, GD&T, 3D tolerance analysis tools, and automated quality reporting tools will support your Dimensional Engineering process.

Why Is Dimensional Engineering Needed In the Manufacturing Process?

Today, each production process is an Engineering Management Process (EMP). EMPs are structured processes centered around the interactions between workers and machines in order to make higher quality products with increased time-to-market. Dimensional Engineering is part of this crucial EMP when it relates to dimensional products such as automotive manufacturing, ship-building, and aerospace projects. Dimensional Engineering is the engineering process used to control product quality and the cost of production for dimensional products. From the design phase to the manufacturing floor, dimensional management is a crucial part of product lifecycle management.

What is Product Lifecycle Management?

PLM is the management of complex product information and workflows. Most companies use PLM software solutions to accelerate time-to-value for their manufacturing products, eliminate process bottlenecks, improve strategic decisions, and increase the ability for teams to collaborate across job titles.

As such, PLM solutions ensure that everyone, from conceptual designers to customers, is on the same page all while avoiding lengthy data searches or conflicting product information. Common examples of PLM systems include Siemens’ Teamcenter. To learn more about Product Lifecycle Management, read our recent article “What Does PLM Stand For?”

Learn More About Dimensional Engineering and PLM Systems

If you are interested in learning more about Dimensional Engineering and PLM systems, our upcoming webinar “10 Steps to Use PLM Tools for Dimensional Engineering” is a great start!

Thursday, May 21
2pm EDT

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