New Variation Analysis (VSA) Tool Reduces 50%-80% of Time Required for Reporting Results


See the new "VA Reporter" tool that makes reporting VSA/VA results quick and easy in Microsoft PowerPoint. The "Drag & Drop" interface allows you to place statistical data into common locations, so reports are clean and professional. Automated Red/Yellow/Green color-coding to show measurements conform to the required specifications.

Additionally, Statistics and Contributor reports are in one combination box, with up to nine combo boxes per page while new Summary reports create color-coded tabular data with links to detailed pages in reports.

Thursday, June 18
2 pm EDT

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How to Build a Digital Machine Shop Like a Remote Rockstar with NX CAM


The remote-work world has hit many manufacturing companies like a ton of bricks. The push for remote work has been a struggle for years. Traditionally, remote work flexibility was viewed as a way to open up recruitment options and increase employee morale. However, in wake of the COVID-19 crisis, many employers are realizing remote flex might become a necessity just to meet government standards of safety.

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Design Digitally 101: Reduce Prototyping Costs by 92%


While additive manufacturing and 3D printing help bring down the cost of producing physical prototypes- testing and validating products requires a solution that can animate parts and test, form, fit, and function. NX Animation Designer was developed to create true-to-life product animations that can simulate complex motions, adopt assembly constraints, and check for collisions between parts that move simultaneously.

Did we mention the best part? No physical prototype is needed for review. Instead, NX Animation Designer validates your designs digitally, saving your team 92% on the cost of building physical prototypes.

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