NX Line Designer & FactoryCAD Workshop: A Window Into the Plant

Quarantine day 50… time to un-stall the layout design project for your next production line. Can this be done from home? Watch Curtis DeSaele, Director of Technology at Geometric Solutions, demonstrate this and more during this expert-led live webinar:

• Quickly design and visualize layouts of production lines
• Use drag & drop tools include standard components into your line
• Leverage Point Cloud Scan Data for the retrofit of existing plants
• Color-coded visualization of your manufacturing equipment, including component type, design changes, suppliers, investment cost and build dates

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Manufacturing in a Remote Workspace: How PMI Could Cause Massive ROI

What does PMI stand for? Product & Manufacturing Information (PMI). This webinar is full of essential acronyms like PMI, ROI, NX, and more! Watch Dan Turk, Certified NX Professional Elite 100 User and Solid Edge Expert, explain:

• What is PMI?
• Why is there a debate to use it or not use it?
• Why should you use it?
• How do PMI and NX work together?
• How can PMI be implemented at your company?

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Untangling the Rat’s Nest: Plant Simulation

While the manufacturing industry is flooded with compressed timelines, increased quality, lower costs, streamlined productivity, and high demand for innovation, manufacturing engineers are primarily concerned with the validation process, cost overruns, meeting production targets, launch delays, and enhanced flexibility. With ever-increasing industry drivers, manufacturers are constantly attempting to mitigate risk. Cost overruns and missed deadlines are project killers. However, there is a way to perform manufacturing planning activities earlier when the ability to change and the cost of change are more forgiving.

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Waltonen Engineering Produces Face Shields for Oakland and Macomb County Hospitals

It is no secret there is a severe shortage of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) across the United States. Manufacturers are repurposing plants and tooling solutions to keep our first responders safe while treating those affected by COVID-19. Due to the coronavirus’ increasing infection rate, keeping hospital workers healthy is both difficult due to their consistent exposure to the virus and essential since they are the only ones qualified to treat those affected.

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