Exploring Visual Parts Creation and Addressing Build Variation

Variation Analysis

Warren, Michigan, October 27, 2015 – Learn how Tecnomatix® Variation Analysis predicts and reduces the impact of variation on product dimensional quality.

A tool for reducing the negative impact of variation on quality, cost, and time-to-market, Variation Analysis (formerly VSA) empowers manufacturers with the ability to assess design challenges before physically producing any parts. This digital approach allows engineers to evaluate changes and verify that they will actually fix problems early in the design process when they are less expensive. Using these analytical tools, they can predict the amounts and causes of variation in their manufacturing operations. Such evaluations allow manufacturers to optimize their products and processes, identify critical dimensions and key characteristics, and, perhaps most important, reduce costs while still maintaining critical assembly dimensional specifications.

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Virtual Validation of Manufacturing Processes and Optimization of Robotics Paths

Process Simulate and Robot Expert

Warren, Michigan, October 20, 2015 – Siemens PLM solution experts explores the time and cost savings attainable with Process Simulation and Tecnomatix® RobotExpert.

In today’s highly competitive business world, as products and manufacturing processes become increasingly more complex, they present world-class manufacturers with increasingly more complex challenges in the “time-to-market” and asset optimization segments of their businesses. To meet such challenges, leading manufacturers virtually validate their manufacturing processes upfront by drawing upon both their organizational knowledge and the availability of 3D models of products and resources. Moreover, manufacturers need to maximize their returns on their capital investments. Naturally, the planning, design and implementation of their systems play critical roles in achieving those returns. The myriad of options available from today’s robot vendors, however, if not managed effectively can add more complexity to the equation.

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Virtual Plant Manufacturing Highlights

Plant Simulation

Warren, Michigan, October 9, 2015 – Geometric Solutions, a Siemens PLM software partner and service provider explores the time and cost savings attainable with Siemens Tecnomatix® Plant Simulation.

In times of increasing cost and time pressures in production, along with ongoing globalization, logistics plays a key role in the success of a company. In its upcoming webinar, Geometric Solutions will demonstrate how Tecnomatix® Plant Simulation is likewise essential, for it identifies potential logistical problems and illustrates how to solve them before manufacturing even begins and problems occur.

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