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  • Program any job, from 2.5-axis milling to multi-spindle turning, using one CAM system
  • Leverage the latest manufacturing technologies, such as high-speed machining, 5-axis milling, and robotics
  • Automate NC programming using application-specific capabilities and feature-based machining
  • Increase machine uptime and eliminate errors in production with integrated G-code-driven simulation
  • Gain productivity with integrated CAD/CAM software, driving end-to-end processes, from 3D designs to finished parts

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From the launch page, you can access:

  • Video tutorials on key NX CAM’s capabilities for NC programming
  • Links to online documentation
  • Link to knowledge-based articles on the Siemens Community
  • Chat window for support
  • Embedded in NX CAM step-by-step Manufacturing Tutorials
  • NX for Manufacturing Community – free. Connect with a vibrant, online community of NX CAM experts and users to ask questions, get tips and share tricks.
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