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Powerful enterprise software almost always demands some degree of configuration to meet the needs of your users, environment, and processes. In other cases, our clients need additional capabilities not in the software and we can develop custom solutions to meet these needs.


Every organization is unique – with differing workflows, staffing, structure, task assignments, and industry-specific requirements. We can help by configuring your software to meet the characteristics of your environment and specific program requirements. The end goal is simple – to make your users productive and enable innovation on your teams.


While today’s product lifecycle management (PLM) software is incredibly powerful, sometimes it’s not exactly what you needed. Geometric Solutions can help – whether it’s customization of user interfaces, standard dashboards/toolkits, or other functions. And if you need added custom features, we can probably help here as well.

Tap into our first-hand user knowledge and proven processes. Call 888-571-9038 today!

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