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NX Simulation - CAE

NX for Simulation is a modern simulation environment for advanced analysts and design engineers. In addition to seamless integration with NX for Design, it’s also a powerful tool that combines best-in-class analysis capabilities with multi-discipline simulation, and integrated data management. It also integrates with NX Nastran, a powerful finite element solver with tremendous strength in static and dynamic solutions. NX for Simulation includes imulation modeling and results visualization, structural analysis, thermal analysis, flow simulation, motion analysis, multiphysics, and engineering optimization functions.

If you need a standalone CAE solution, NX for Simulation can be used as a pre/postprocessing solution with full multi-CAD geometry support and comprehensive integration with the NX Nastran FEA solver.

CAE for Simulation Advantages:

  • Best-in-class analysis modeling: with powerful tools like multi-CAD geometry editing, powered by synchronous technology, and a wide range of commends for meshing and geometry optimization.
  • Fast and powerful solvers: integration with the world’s leading FEA solver, NX Nastran lets you solve large models efficiently.
  • A heritage of excellence, a vision for the future: NX for Simulation builds on a 40-year track record that includes brands like Nastran and SDRC I-deas. We’ve built on this foundation to create the CAE tools of the future.
  • System-level modeling and simulation: You can efficiently build and manage FE assemblies through NX for Simulation’s unique multi-level approach that allows for multiple instances of the same FE component.
  • A unified environment for multi-discipline simulation and optimization: NX for Simulation was designed for use by collaborative workgroups with solutions for structural, motion, thermal, flow, and multiphysics problems.
  • Powerful integration capabilities: in addition to integration with our Teamcenter solution to enable storage, re-use, and sharing of simulation information, NX for Simulation also allows you to export analysis models and import simulation results from most common finite element solvers including Abaqus, Ansys, LS-Dyne, and MSC Nastran.

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