Solid Edge Simulation

Solid Edge Simulation includes a comprehensive suite of tools to meet your specific analysis challenges. The complete line of products was designed to meet the needs of growing companies with a simple upgrade path to expand your simulation capabilities as your needs grow and your engineering challenges become more complex.

This solution dramatically reduces the need for costly physical prototypes and as a result lowers material and testing costs, while saving valuable design time.

Solid Edge Simulation includes:

  • Solid Edge Simulation Express
  • Solid Edge Simulation

Solid Edge Simulation Express

With Solid Edge Simulation Express you get a cost-effective way to incorporate embedded simulation. Include in Solid Edge Classic, Solid Edge Simulation Express enables simulation of individual sold or sheet metal components for statics, as well as modal analyses. Like Solid Edge Simulation, the Express version is built on modeling technology of Femap and incorporates the NX Nastran solver.

Solid Edge Simulation

Based on proven Femap finite element modeling and NX Nastran solver technology, Solid Edge Simulation is an integrated finite element analysis (FEA) tool that enables your engineers to digitally validate part and assembly designs – without leaving the Solid Edge environment.

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