Siemens PLM NX CAM

NX Manufacturing - CAM

NX for Manufacturing provides a complete solution for tooling and part manufacturing - from CAM to CNC controller. To achieve efficient production, part manufacturing plans need to be complete, accurate, and timely. NX for manufacturing delivers an integrate solution that unites computer-aided manufacturing, tooling and fixture design, part model preparation, data and process management, CMM programming, process planning, shop floor program validation and quality control, cutting tool management, and a wide range of other functions.

CAM for Manufacturing Advantages:

  • Full integration with a wide range of software applications and equipment: NX for Manufacturing is fully integrated with NX for Design and NX for Simulation for a truly end-to-end development solution. In addition, Siemens Sinumerik machine tool controllers seamlessly integrate to achieve your production requirements at any level.
  • Data and process integration with Teamcenter: by harnessing the power of Teamcenter, you can unit manufacturing engineering and production teams with a single source of knowledge that helps eliminate redundant systems and connect to the point of execution.
  • Planning to production are fully connected: access manufacturing planning data right from the shop floor by connecting PLM right to your production systems including direct numerical control (DNC) and tool management.

Manufacturing Benefits:

  • Reduce NC Programming and Machining Time
  • Improve Surface Finish, Accuracy and Part Quality
  • Reduce Production Time and Errors
  • Increase the Success Rate of New Machine Deployment
  • Maximize Use of Manufacturing Resources

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