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NX Line Designer & FactoryCAD Workshop: A Window Into the Plant

Quarantine day 50… time to un-stall the layout design project for your next production line. Can this be done from home? Watch Curtis DeSaele, Director of Technology at Geometric Solutions, demonstrate this and more during this expert-led live webinar:

• Quickly design and visualize layouts of production lines
• Use drag & drop tools include standard components into your line
• Leverage Point Cloud Scan Data for the retrofit of existing plants
• Color-coded visualization of your manufacturing equipment, including component type, design changes, suppliers, investment cost and build dates

Manufacturing from Home

With the sudden onset of work from home culture across all industries due to the COVID 19 pandemic, many are still adjusting to this new professional environment. The manufacturing industry, like many others, has been slowly transitioning to a digital environment. However, the transition takes time. Siemens Digital Industries Software is leading the way for digital twin technology. In the face of this crisis, Siemens is working around the clock to make work from home deployment options possible.

What Is NX Line Designer?

With NX Line Designer, your team can achieve faster design times while visualizing layouts of production lines and associating them with manufacturing plans. Line Designer optimizes your process through the specification of each production step- down to managing each manufacturing resource- such as a robot or a fixture. This complete solution for line design is integrated with manufacturing planning and is essential to defining optimized production processes.

What Is FactoryCAD?

FactoryCAD (FCAD) is a layout application that provides all of the necessary details to design intelligent factory models. Rather than drawing lines, arcs, and cycles, FCAD works with “smart objects” to create a virtual representation of the resources used in a factory. Using FCAD, your team can gain critical insights into the factory layout and installation processes. Through a complete understanding of the entire layout and processes, factories can be developed correctly the first time.

Learn More About NX Line Designer & FactoryCAD

More information and live demonstrations will be available during our live webinar: NX Line Designer & FactoryCAD Workshop: A Window Into the Plant.

Thursday, April 30
2pm EDT

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