A Complete Wire EDM Software Solution for Programming 2- and 4-axis EDM Machines

For a wide range of electrical discharge machining (EDM) operations, access the wire EDM software module in NX. Apply operations such as multi-pass profiling, wire reversing and area removal to curves, surfaces or solids.

No-Core Roughing

Prevent problems from loose blocks of materials by completely machining core volumes with the specialized no-core EDM methods in NX. To account for missing material and eliminate air cutting it optimizes spiral, concentric and follow-contour cutting patterns.


Make the internal and external profile cuts – the basis of wire EDM – with NX CAM. Produce smooth profile results by using the engage and compensation moves best suited for the wire EDM cutting process.

4-Axis Cutting

Easily program any part featuring tapered walls with the 4-axis capabilities of NX CAM wire EDM software. It supports synchronized 4-axis cutting, and allows users to select all machining faces automatically and to use solid faces to control the 4-axis motion.

The toolpaths created with 4-axis cutting are fully associative with the CAD model.

Feature-Based Machining

Using feature-based machining (FBM), NX CAM can automate the programming of wire EDM machines. First, NX recognizes such wire EDM features as pockets, holes, slots, and the start holes for wires. Then, FBM automatically applies machining processes to those recognized features.

Wire EDM Machine Support

With the wire EDM software module and integrated postprocessor in NX it is easy to generate NC code for nearly every type of EDM machine, including:

  • Agie EDM machines, including support for AgieVision script file format (SBR, SBL and ISO)
  • Charmilles machine models and controllers, including Millennium, Charmilles and Fanuc controllers
  • Mitsubishi
  • ONA

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